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A Poetical Interlude

April 19, 2010

Higgledy piggledy” poetic form is
offensive to artistic Powers that Be.
Nevertheless it’s a popular format for
poets who don’t have much skill (such as me).

Higgledy piggledy this is an effort
to get out a post that’s not horribly late.
I’m also required to write about gaming
so here are a couple of things that I hate:

Higgledy piggledy quicktime events
are the product of trying to program while high.
Many a gamer has quit in frustration
when told in a cutscene “press x to not die.”

Higgledy piggledy Ubisoft DRM
makes you connect all your games to the net.
Allegedly it’s an “improvement” for games
but I’m pretty sure piracy’s still your best bet.

Higgledy piggledy speaking of Ubisoft
did you guys see that publicity trick?
They purposely threatened to shoot up a pub
so I cordially invite them to go suck a…salt lick.

Higgledy piggledy gossip from Crytek
says demos for free are a thing of the past.
Any sane gamer would tell them that’s stupid
if only their management bothered to ask.

Higgledy piggledy old Roger Ebert
is once again claiming that games can’t be art.
But ‘til he comes down off his high horse and plays them
this man will remain just a clueless old fart.

Higgledy piggledy now I’ve got work to do
so I’m officially all out of time.
Come again later for clever analysis,
screenshots, and swear words that fail to rhyme.

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  1. Yakinikuman permalink
    April 22, 2010 4:01 pm

    Ebert is a total gamer! Watch him take out Siskel at Sega Boxing:

    • April 22, 2010 9:44 pm

      That was enlightening; thank you for showing me
      why he thinks gaming just isn’t legit.
      While others played good stuff like Day of the Tentacle,
      Ebert was having to shill for this shit.

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