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Let There Be Content

April 4, 2010

Hello, and welcome to the birth of Intelligent Design!  This is largely a videogames blog, hence the tagline of “Intelligent Design: Not What it Sounds Like ©.”  The idea for this blog came to me not long ago, upon hearing the desperate cries of the needy:  “Woe is us,” they wailed, “for we are stranded in a cultural wasteland, utterly devoid of intelligent discourse and entertainment!  If only there were someplace on the internet wherein we could witness a disaffected twenty-something talk about videogames!  O, despair!”  There was also a fair amount of teeth-gnashing involved.  Frankly, it got annoying, so I decided to remedy the problem as quickly as possible.

Anyway.  Stick around, and I’m sure you will find something to fill that empty void in your soul.  Here are some of the things you might see appearing on this blog in the days to come:

  • Posts about games–This being a blog about videogames, it seems appropriate to mention them once in a while.  But since there are already millions of people on the internet talking about games as well, I strive to be fairly original.  Expect to see unique analysis, usually from a game design perspective.  This is where the “Intelligent Design” title comes in, in case you were wondering.
  • Posts about piracy–This is a bit of a thing with me.  In fact, it’s an important enough issue that you should really care about it too.  You’ll notice I didn’t say whether I was for or against piracy; that’s because 1) my position is too complicated to describe in this space, and 2) an aura of mystery attracts women like nobody’s business. At any rate, you’ll find out where I stand if you stick around.
  • Screenshots–And lots of ’em.  If you are still on a 56k internet connection, please go away.
  • Sarcasm–As you may have already noticed.
  • Profanity–Nothing too serious, or too frequent.  But you have been warned.
  • Anything else I deem appropriate–Inspiration tends to strike me irregularly, and with extremely poor aim.  One benefit of being an unpaid writer is that you have nothing to lose, so there’s not much to stop me from writing about, say, dirigible racing.  Oh, and I use the term “appropriate” very loosely.

That’s about it!  Please feel free to register and start posting comments, so long as they aren’t about your magical Canadian prescription penis-enlarging mortgage services.

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